Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Catholic Foundation part of the Diocese of Pueblo?

Yes & No.  The Bishop of Pueblo is the sole Member of The Catholic Foundation, but it remains an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation legally separate from the Diocese of Pueblo and any other organization.

Also, the Catholic Foundation does not receive any funding from the annual Advancing Missionary Discipleship (AMD) assessment on parishes.

Are contributions to the Catholic Foundation tax deductible?

Yes, to the extent allowable under IRS regulations. The Catholic Foundation is classified as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. The Catholic Foundation is covered under the blanket IRS tax exemption of Catholic organizations. However, you should always speak with your tax preparer or accountant regarding your personal tax circumstances.

What investment strategy does the Catholic Foundation follow?

The Catholic Foundation investment strategy follows a conservative strategy that looks to limit risk but still secures reasonable returns. The Catholic Foundation investments are consistent with United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and Socially Responsible Guidelines. Presently, the Catholic Foundation utilizes the Mission Diocese Fund, LLC, and Knights of Columbus Mutual Funds as its primary investment vehicles.

Does the Catholic Foundation help with planned giving?

Yes.  Under the Gift Giving section of the website you can find information about the types of planned giving programs the Catholic Foundation offers for those interested. These include wills and bequests, gifts of securities and real estate, charitable annuities and other potential giving options depending on circumstances. The Executive Director would be happy to facilitate a gift giving conversation…719-544-9861 ext. 1131.

Do you work with financial planners and attorneys who can help me with a gift?

Yes. If a donor does not have his or her own financial adviser and attorney, the Catholic Foundation will gladly arrange for an experienced professional who fits the donor’s needs.